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Our Goals

  1. To consistently grow our brand in the fast food marketplace.
  2. Cultivate a loyal customer base with a comprehensive marketing plan.
  3. Maintain a consistently high standard of cleanliness, food quality and customer service.
  4. Provide a reliable network of vendors for our franchises
  5. Provide thorough training to all franchisees and their staff and foster a continuous learning environment.

Benefits of a Franchise

Shamrock offers a turnkey system that most anyone can learn and excel with.

Training is comprehensive we’re looking for anyone with a passion for great food and building relationships with customers.

With a young personable and energetic staff a typical location can operate effectively with just 3-4 people.

Live the dream of being your own boss and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit.

Align with a proven brand with over 40 years in the industry.

Owning a franchised business typically has been noted to yield a higher (ROI) than other independent investments, however, the return is greatly affected and sensitive to economic changes, competition and trends in consumer preferences. Despite these changes, Sharmrock has established and maintained its status as the franchise leader in the fast food industry

Our comprehensive systems and procedures take the guess work out of starting a business.

With Shamrock as your partner you will feel secure and confident in your business future.

Need more details?

Stop by one of our stores or send us an email at: info@shamrockburgers.com